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There Are Only 5 Types Of People According To Psychologists. Which One Are You?

Many people never really spend much time thinking about their personality trait.

Your personality influence everything from the friends you choose to the candidate you vote during an election. Understanding your personality open your insights into how others see you, your strengths and weaknesses.

1. Conscientiousness

People in this category are efficient, well organized, dependable and self sufficient. They prefer to plan things in advance and aim high achievements. Others may view them as stubborn and obsessive.

2. Extroversion

People in this personality trait gain energy from social activities. They are talkative, outgoing and they are comfortable in the spotlight. Others may view them as domineering and attention seeking.

3. Agreeableness

Those in the agreeableness category are kind, trustworthy and affectionate toward others. They are often committed to voluntary works and altruistic activities. Other people may view them as naive and overly passive.

4. Openness

People in this category are known for their broad range of interest and vivid imaginations. They are curious and creative and they usually prefer variety over rigid routines. They are known for their pursuit of self actualization through intense experience and meditative retreats or living abroad. Others may view them as unpredictable and unfocused.

5. Neuroticism

Neurotic people experience a high degree of emotional instability. They are more likely to be reactive and exictable. They possess high degree of unpleasant emotions like anxiety and irritability. Others may view them as unstable and insecure.

Neurotic people seek acceptance by publishing a lot of pictures on social media.

Fun Facts

Personality remains relatively stable over time. The personality traits you exhibited at age 7 are likely to predict much of your behavior as an adult.

Of course, you can change some of your personality traits. It takes hard work and efforts to make big changes.

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Which one are you?

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Which One Are You


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