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Music as a Mental Therapy

The presumption that music can affect your emotions and behaviors probably does not come as much of a surprise. There are numerous unknown advantages of music such that It can help manage pain, relax the mind and strengthen the entire body. Have you experienced motivation and re-energized feeling while listening to your favorite jazz or rock song or been moved to tears because of a live concert from your favorite artist, then you would better recognize the power music yields to affect moods and feelings.

Music is an intervention with wide ranging psychological effects sometimes used to promote emotional health, help patients deal better with stress, and boost emotional well-being.

Different categories of music effect diverse range neurological stimulation they evoke. Looking at classical music which has a low and smooth tempo it is seen to cause a more relaxing and comfortable mood while Jazz music may lead to an unsettled mood. Music has its medical and therapeutic effects as it reduces pain by raising ones pain threshold, this is why some doctors prescribe you listen to your favorite song while going through some pains that requires one to wait out.

Songwriting gives one the right avenue express thoughts in a more positive way while making a few good bucks from it as well. Almost anyone can create lyrics that comes from a deep place of personal struggles or experiences as coupling this with the right musical instruments effects a complementing sound showing emotions behind scripted lyrics.

This process of making music could be the therapy many need unknown to them as it helps in building self-worth through validation of their work. Music prevents loneliness and the opportunity to interact with people of like passion, whether it’s by sharing playlists with your friends or meeting new it opens a social connection for like-minded people as you may link at your favorite band’s next gig, music brings people together.

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