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Copulation And Sickle Cell Complications

People who have frequent acute pain crises or who have chronic pain are more likely to experience sex discomfort. Individuals who use a lot of opioid-related drugs and medication may have issues with their sexual affairs. Sex-related pain could be caused by hormonal abnormalities.

How might sickle cell disease impact sexual function? | ISSM

Photo Credit: International Society For Sexual Medicine

Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) has a number of detrimental consequences on male sexual development and function, including delayed sexual maturation, sex hormone disruptions, priapism (a painful erection that requires medical attention), erection issues, and diminished fertility.

How might sickle cell disease impact sexual function? | ISSM

Some doctors advise women not to use combination hormonal birth control (which contains two hormones) since it increases their risk of blood clots and stroke. There is currently no information available for patients or others with an interest in SCD on this aspect of the disorder, except what is published in medical texts and this is regularly updated, therefore, it is advisable for sickle cell persons to continually read up their conditions

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