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5 Things You Must Know About Using Earpiece And Headphones.

The more the advancement in technology, the more the rise of high sounds producing devices. Technology have made life easier and a lot of persons have been carried away by it's benefits and eventually forgetting the side effects .

The use of earphones have become a constant habit in the life of people regardless of the harmful side effects.

Several times, you will come across alot of people listening to musics or talking via the earphones at a very high frequency. They might not be disturbing the people around them, but you certainly are harming yourself without taking note of it.

It should be noted that the level of the volume in which you operate the earphone is not all that matters. But what increases side effects of earphones is constant usage.

There are several sides from using earphones in which you need to know inorder to take the necessary precautions to getting your ears damaged.

Below is the 5 things you must know about constant use of earphones;

1. Transfer of bacteria

A lot of bacteria resides in the ear canals and these batteries can come in contact with the earphone. When these earphones are transferred from the earphone to the ear of the receiver.

Regular sanitisation of the earphone should be adopted inorder to destroy the accumulated bacteria and eventually reducing the risk of transmitting infections. And also reduce the rate of sharing your earphones to safeguard your self. And if possible use the over- the-ear model to avoid direct contact with the ear canal.

2. Release Of Excess Ear Wax

Wax is good to the ears as it aids in absorbing harmful substances and prevents them from reaching the eardrum.

However, excess of this wax is as well harmful to the ear. Accumulated wax in the ear is capable of blocking the ear and thereby causing hearing difficulty. Constant use of earphones cause the ear to produce a lot of wax , therefore avoid keeping the volume very high.

3. Damage of the brain

The inner layer of the ear is connected to the brain through the semicircular canals of the ear. The electromagnetic rays released by the earphone cause a lot of harm to the brain including loss of memory, brain damage and so on.

It is therefore advised to reduce the rate at which you use earphones.

4. It leads to Hyperacusis

This is an ear disorder in which little sounds seems unbearably loud to you whereas low for other people around you.

Someone suffering from this disorder only hears by shouting because he or she is conversant with loud sound.

This as a result of staying in a noisy place for a very long period of time. Constant used of earphones leads to Hyperacusis.

So it is needful to avoid using earphones for a very long time or you can make use of noise-canceling headphones.

5. Loss of hearing:

Constant use of the earphones can block the ear and lead to partial or permanent deafness. But you can reduce the risk of being deaf by avoiding the use of earphones.

Your ears is as important as your eyes, it is very vital to take good care of them.

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