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How my landlady of 68 years was permanently cured of ulcer

It was in 2017 I moved into a new apartment with my family in Lagos. I had a neighbour who was a medical doctor while my landlady runs a shop downstairs.

Mama had been suffering from ulcer for many years. According to her, she was tired of the drugs doctor Nelson (not real name) prescribed for her.

One morning as I came to buy stuff from her I saw her holding a five litre container containing some liquid. She smiled and told me that " I am free from ulcer and those drugs Nelson prescribed for her."

Besides, as a Yoruba woman she now eat peppery soup which ulcer patients do no eat because if the painful sensation it excites.

A cousin of mine who also had been suffering from ulcer tried the same remedy and she had permanent relieve from the internal wound pain.

Ulcer is an internal wound usually in the stomach caused by excessive hydrochloric acid. Common causes are infection with the bacterium Helicobacter pylori (H pylori) and long - term use of aspirin and certain painkillers such as Ibuprofen and naproxen sodium. Prolong hunger too has been adduced to ulcer.

Stress and spicy foods do not cause peptic ulcer, but could worsen the symptoms

Ulcer treatment

1. Get one big unripe pawpaw.

2. Wash and cut into small cube like pieces without peeling.

3. Put all the cut pieces into a 4 litres container (plastic).

4. Add three quarter of clean water.

5. Cover and make sure it is air tight.

6. Allow it to ferment for at least four days.


Drink half a glass of the fermented pawpaw before breakfast also before dinner

After one week, repeat the fermentation process with fresh unripe pawpaw.

Continue the dosage after fermentation for another one week. Sometimes it could extent to two weeks.

The curative process is a gradual one. Depending on the individual and severity of the ulcer, treatment may lady between two to the weeks.

Its a permanent cure.

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