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Health benefits of eating cocoyam you should know

Cocoyam is known as a very versatile crop that is consumed by lots of people today. The crop is very beneficial as it's leaves and corps are utilized for food.

Cocoyam is another amazing food with a lot of nutritional value that is beneficial to our body. The crop is known to have a lot of nutrients than other root and tubers crops like cassava, yam and others. Though, yam and cassava have their own nutrients.

Moreover, it has been said that cocoyam is known to be a good source of weight loss because of its high fiber content and low amount of calories.

Below are few health benefits of eating cocoyam

1. Digestive health

2. Helps control blood sugar

3. Cancer prevention

4. Reduces muscle cramps

5. Reduces fatigue

6. Improves heart health

7. Great carb source

8. Improves metabolism and nutrient absorption

9. Diabetes prevention

10. Vision health

11. Reduces arthritis symptoms

12. Boosts immune system

13. Improves mental health

14. Improves hair health 

15. Prevents bone loss

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