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Medical Tests Men Should Undergo If They Begin To Experience Erection Problems

According to healthline As men age, they frequently experience difficulties getting and maintaining an erection. The most effective solution to this problem depends on finding its origins. If a man is having trouble getting or maintaining an erection, he should get checked out by a doctor.

The first step in evaluating erection issues is a thorough physical examination. The doctor will check the size, shape, and look for injuries or other abnormalities in the penis and testicles.

Blood testing can help identify the root cause of erectile dysfunction by screening for underlying illnesses including diabetes, high blood pressure, and hormone imbalances, as reported by healthline. Complete blood count (CBC), lipid panel, glucose tolerance test, and testosterone level testing may be part of the battery of exams.

Examining the penis's blood flow and testing for nerve damage are two examples of urologic exams. Penile ultrasound, penile Doppler ultrasound, and a test of erectile function could be among them.

To find out if there is a physiological problem with getting or keeping an erection, doctors utilize the Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT) test. A gadget is attached to the man's penis and he is monitored for erections throughout the night.

Psychological evaluations can help figure out if the man's erection issues are related to his mental health. In order to diagnose mental health issues including depression, anxiety, and stress, these assessments may involve in-depth interviews and questionnaires.

When the medical examinations are finished, the doctor will examine the results and diagnose the underlying reason of the man's erection issues. This could necessitate further examinations or the consultation of an expert.

Erection issues can be treated, however the method used will be determined on the root cause. Medication like phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE5 inhibitors) or penile injections, vacuum devices, or penile implants are commonly used.

In conclusion, if a man is having trouble maintaining an erection, he should get checked out by a doctor. The results of these examinations can reveal the root of the problem and point you toward the most effective treatment options. A medical checkup is warranted if you are having issues getting or keeping an erection. A better quality of life and fewer problems are possible with prompt diagnosis and treatment.

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