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Sergi Constance Shares 6-Supersets Arm Workout Routine

Popular Spanish Bodybuilder Sergi Constance has taken to his verified Instagram page to share 6 supersets arm workouts. In a video, he explained how this should be done. he also encouraged his followers to save the exercises and try them later.

"Supersets Arm workout. Save this exercise and try for an intense and crazy pump workout."

Sergi explained the routine for each set.

Check out the procedure for each exercise. Start with a tricep exercise, 12-15 reps then move to biceps exercise none stop. Complete 3-4 sets for each superset. Rest 60 seconds between programs.

Make sure to warm up before starting a workout and stretch at the end to keep your muscle and joints healthy.

1. One side drag extension (tricep)

2. Dumbbell curl (bicep)

3. Tricep extension using machine drag (tricep)

4. Close grip incline barbell curl (tricep)

5. Close grip bench press (Tricep)

6. Rest Barbell curl (Bicep)

Note: every workout exercise has its specific function. You can as well try these workout exercises.

Photo credit: Sergi Constance(instagram)

Thank you.

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