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4 Facial Exercises You Didn't Know Could Prevent Wrinkles

Truth be told, most people, particularly ladies do not want to look their age or rather appear old for varying reasons best known to them.

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Afterall, age is said to be just a number. Unfortunately, one of such areas in the human body that quickly tell the age of most people is the face.

In this light, we have curated in this article a few exercises to tackle and as well prevent facial wrinkles in a short time.

This video practically shows you how to effectively apply these exercises and more.

Note that there are 43 muscles in the the face, of which when they are regularly exercised makes them stronger and inturn prevents aging and sagging.

Check out these exercises as follows.

Step 1

Pretend like you want to whistle without sounds, purse your lips and strain their muscles as much as possible.

Now stay in this position for 5-10secs and return your lips to their natural state. Repeat this procedure for atleast 5times.

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Step 2

Gently push the area of the nasobial folds back with your fingers, then strain the muscles against the pulling and feel the resistance with your fingers. Repeat this process 10times as it works best to prevent lines.

Step 3

Take a deep breath through your nose, puff out your cheeks as if you are trying to exhale the air through your mouth without opening your lips.

Keep your cheeks puffed up for 5seconds, then slowly breathe out through your mouth and repeat 10 times.

This very common movement surely tones your cheeks.

I m quite sure many people didn't know this casual habit was an exercise.

Step 4

Place your clean palms on your forehead, the little fingers should be pressing the skin above the eyebrows and the rest of the fingers should keep the skin on the forehead from wrinkling. Try to raise your eyebrows in surprise to overcome the resistance of your hands.

Relax the forehead and repeat the exercise 20times, this will make your forehead smoother.

Furthermore, there are things that can hinder the effectiveness of this exercise, hence should be avoided as they can enhance wrinkles.

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Some of them includes smoking, dehydration, ultra violet rays and certain medications.

Source: Daily express

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