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White Tumeric Vs Yellow Tumeric : Which Is The Most Lucrative To Plant?

Tumeric is generally good for the body and it comes with a lot of benefits. Tumeric is mostly grown in India and some parts of Africa. It is also known for its medical benefits as it helps in aiding in digestion and to boost the immune system. Also, Tumeric is considered one of the most used spices at home.

However, many people are not aware that there are two types of turmeric. The Tumeric that is the most popular is the yellow Tumeric. However, We have the White Turmeric and the Yellow Tumeric. In this article, we will like to look at the difference between white and yellow turmeric. But before we check out the difference let's look at them differently.

The Yellow Tumeric is the popular one that we all know. It is found in health stores and Indian stores. Yellow Turmeric is known to be bitter and has an uninviting smell. This yellow one is used for curry and other spices in food. They have very important health benefits.

The other type of turmeric is called white turmeric. It is not very popular and has a more inviting smell compared to the yellow turmeric. It has a similar taste to that of ginger. Also, it has a lovely taste and can be used for spices too. The health benefits are many is that it boost the immune system.

So, which of the two turmerics is more nutritional. The truth is that the white and yellow turmeric are both good. It just depends on the type that you have close to you. If you have the yellow close to you then you can use the yellow and if you have the white close to you then you should use the white. They both are good for spices and health benefits.

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