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My girlfriend refused kissing me because I have chronic mouth odour so I had to do this

The day my girlfriend, told me to my face that, I should shift with my chronic mouth odour, was one of the most painful days of my life. I felt like someone just poured a very chilled water on my body, all my self worth, self esteem just went down the drain, I couldn't even look up at her. All of a sudden, I felt less of who I am.

But as the man I am,I braced up, and pretended it didn't get to me. I told her it's fine, if she wasn't in the mood for any mushy mushy or lovey dovey thingy.

We moved on, to talking about other things for the day. And after a short while, she said she wanted leaving and I saw her off without even hugging her. I can't deal with being spoken to harshly again please, the pain in my heart was already too much hence, I dare not!

When I saw her off and on my way back to my apartment, deep down, my heart was panting like I just finished a marathon race. I sat on the sofa in the sitting room and had to breath into my hands. I perceived an awful smell....ewww. I couldn't pin point when it started, I was confused. So I told myself, I had to find a drastic solution to it. And get rid of anything or any oral habits am now into that is making my mouth and breathe have such an awful smell.

But I had to take a break and start thinking of how my girlfriend didn't want to kiss me. Hmm, perharps she's already thinking of leaving me for a guy with a fresher breathe? Well you wouldn't blame me for thinking this way would you? Love should be for better for worse isn't it?

For if she blatantly refused kissing me, for just a mouth odour only heaven knows what's her next plan? As usual, a man has to be strong ain't it? So I decided to keep my fingers crossed. And wondered further, on how long she's being wanting to tell me, but didn't know how to? Hmmm, women!

So I told myself, if that's now her aim, a relationship with her is not a do or die affair. I just needed to find a solution for myself, in terms of my self esteem. And for my next girlfriend whom I intend making my wife ie if she's worth it though, since am not getting any younger.

With my heart still panting, I picked up my laptop, turned it on. And had to make extensive research on why my mouth suddenly have such an awful mouth odour in which I myself couldn't even stand the odour when I breathed into my hands.

So I wondered, if I couldn't stand the awful mouth odour, how would someone else whom I might want to have a very close range conversation with, much later be able to? I felt bad to my bone marrow.

In the process of making my research, I realized the cause of my awful mouth odour was as a result of some bad bacterias present in my mouth. Which were caused by my poor dental hygiene. But I could bet I brush my mouth twice a day.

Perharps, I would have to start taking my toothbrush along with me whenever, I won't be home during the day to also brush in a clean rest room which would make it three(3) times in a day.

I also discovered that the particles of the foods I eat gets stuck in-between my teeth. And if I don't brush properly and flush every other area of my mouth, by washing my tongue also; I often forget this. These particles produces foul smell that leads to smelly process of tooth decay.

Since I have known the main source of the mouth odour, I was now so eager to find a remedy for it at least. I told myself I must by all means get my self esteem back!

The following are the various home remedies I was to give a try inorder to permanently or drastically reduce my chronic mouth odour according to my (ex) girlfriend that has afflicted my mouth;

1. Maintaining a good mouth Hygiene.

As earlier stated, most mouth odour starts from the mouth. Hence, it's advised one uses a fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day. But like I stated above, mine will be three (3) times in a day henceforth.

I cannot take any chances again please. A good mouth Hygiene requires also scraping the tongue thoroughly, for some mouth bacterias also gets trapped in the tongue, and in turn emits awful odour. I cannot forget this aspect as well.

2. Drinking more water

I rarely drink water except when am extremely thirsty or drinking very little amount of water after a meal. Hence, I got to realize lack of enough water causes mouth dryness which leads or causes awful mouth odour.

By drinking more water, and not carbonated or caffeinated drinks will help in the secretion of more saliva, which aids in keeping the mouth clean to a large extent and depriving harmful mouth bacterias from striving.

3. Drinking Organic Orange Juice

Vitamin C contained in Oranges aids in increasing the production of saliva. And in turn, eliminating awful chronic mouth odour and promote good, if not great, mouth Hygiene.

And i asked myself I pass through mummy Amina's fruit cart almost everyday and I never stopped to get any from her. I will definitely start patronizing her.

4. Drinking more natural Pineapple juice

I got to find out pineapple juice is one of the fastest and most effective treatment for any bad breathe.

It requires drinking a glass of blended pineapple juice or it can be chewed. And afterwards it requires rinsing the mouth thoroughly with water to avoid any accumulation of sugar remains inside the tooth or one the tongue.

5. Drinking whole cream Milk

When I got to find out that milk significantly reduces mouth odour, I started asking what has the milk on my shelf been doing all the while?

Lack of knowledge is such a terrible plague really. Hence, for an effective reduction, a glass of milk of low or full cream milk during or after meal helps reduce the effects of the harmful bacterias in the mouth.

6. Washing the mouth with vinegar.

Acetic acid is the natural acid contained in Vinegar. Since bacterias cannot strive easily in an acidic environment, it's also paramount that one uses this solution for mouthwash.

This can be achieved with about 2 teaspoons added into a cup of warm water and used as mouth wash for about few seconds and throwing it out.

7. Drinking Green Tea

Green tea is very rich in disinfectant and deodorizing properties. Which temporarily relieves the mouth from any mouth odour.

And also makes it an effective home remedy for treating mouth odour. I would have to also get a tea bag of green tea from the grocery store across the house.

8. Washing the mouth with baking soda.

Baking soda contains sodium bicarbonate, which is very effective in killing bacterias in the mouth. Hence reducing the awful mouth odour being emitted.

This can be achieved if about 2 teaspoons of baking soda is added into a cup of warm water. The mixture is stirred thoroughly and used to rinse the mouth several times for some seconds. This method is known to reduce mouth odour drastically. I will definitely try it out as well.

9. Drinking/taking unsweetened Yoghurt.

My findings also made me realize unsweetened yoghurts please; not fanice yoghurt contains some healthy bacterias called lactobacillus. These healthy bacterias aids at combacting bad harmful bacterias in the mouth, and in the gut. This is because yogurt has some probiotics which are effective in reducing chronic mouth odour.

Hmmm, most of these home made remedies are readily available. And are even cheap, I thought to myself. Hence, I am more than determined to get my self esteem back. I have been thinking to myself, what's the point of being a handsome young guy when I cannot hold a conversation with someone for a long period of time? I forbid it! It's even worse when my own girlfriend would not even kiss me because she feels and I now know, am not appealing anymore, i feel pained really?


With the above being said, if as a young or old person you often experience chronic or mild mouth odour, the above home treatments/remedies should be of great help to eradicate or curtail it.

But if after being tried and the awful mouth odour still persist, kindly consult your doctor or a dentist. Perharps there might be other underlying diseases or sicknesses you're not aware of yet.

Wish me luck on my journey of getting my self esteem back!

Hope you've been blessed by my story?

Like, comment, and share with your love ones who might also benefit from it.

Content created and supplied by: Elizz.Thoughtzz (via Opera News )


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