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3 Health Problems That Can Be Caused By Eating Too Much Fried Foods

Frying is a very popular cooking method that is used by several people. Frying involves using hot oil to cook. People who can afford to eat chicken weekly usually prefer to fry it, many people will choose fried yam,eggs, plaintain, potatoes over boiled yams, eggs, plantain, and potatoes. 

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Many people eat Akara for breakfast and many people eat fried junk foods. Fried foods have a special taste and texture that makes it more attractive but as the igbos will say, "ihe na ato uto na egbu egbu" which translates to, sweet things kill.

While eating fried foods once in a while might not be harmful, eating it regularly can be very harmful to the health and can cause serious health problems.

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Here Are Three (3) Health Risks That Are Associated With Eating Fried Foods Regularly

1. Increases The Risk Of Diabetes: diabetes is an incurable disease that can affect a person's quality of life if not well managed. Eating fried foods frequently, significantly increases a person's risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Studies have shown that, people who eat fried foods regularly can develop insulin resistance which can lead to, type 2 diabetes.

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2. Heart Diseases: the heart is a very important organ that is responsible for pumping blood. Human beings cannot survive without a heart. So, it is important to take care of your heart by avoiding things that can harm it like, fried foods.

Eating fried foods regularly can cause several heart problems for example, fried foods can cause bad cholesterol to build up and block the arteries which can lead to stroke or heart attack. 

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3. Obesity: obesity simply means being overweight. Although, obesity is not a health problem perse, I included it in this list because, obesity opens people up to many disease including, heart problems and diabetes.

One of the things responsible for weight gain is calories and fried foods contains a lot of calories which means that people who eat fried fried regularly have a higher chance of getting obese. Also, fried foods can contain trans fats which can temper with a person's hormones thereby inducing weight gain and obesity.

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NOTE: there is nothing wrong with eating fried foods as long as they are fried with healthy oil, and are eaten once in a while. By healthy oil I mean, unsaturated oils.

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