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Common foods for beating diabetes that you may not know

Diabetes is a medical condition in which the body does not properly process food for use as energy. A large portion of the food we eat is turned into glucose or sugar for our bodies to use as energy for our daily affairs. The pancrease which lies near the stomach, produces insulin which help glucose to get into the body. In a person with diabetes, the body either does not make enough insulin or cannot use its own insulin as well as it should. This makes sugar to build up in the blood.

In subsaharan africa, Nigeria has the highest number of people with diabetes with an estimated 3.9 million people. So what are the most common foods and fruits to beat diabetes? The following food gives an extra edge against diabetes and its complications:


Avocados are very rich in fats and calories, these fats found in avocados are mostly monosaturated fatty acids which helps in raising "good" High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) or good cholesterol. Avocados slows digestion and helps blood sugar from spiking after a meal. A diet high in good fats may even help reverse insulin resistance which translates to steadier blood sugar. Healthy cholesterol, triglyceride and blood pressure can help reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.


Barley is the world oldest cultivated cereal and the fourth most demanded cereal crop in the world because of its numerous uses. It has been proven that barley can rapidly improve peoples health by reducing blood sugar levels and the risk of diabetes. Recent studies have shown that barley reduces the rise in blood sugar glucose form other carbohydrates


Put these at the care of your own diet because they offer so many health advantages. Apples are naturally low in calories, yet their high fiber content battles bad cholesterol, blunts blood sugar swings and fills you up. Eat them whole and unpeeled for the greatest benefit or make a quick "baked" apple. After washing and chopping one apple, put it in a bowl with a dusting of cinnamon and microwave until soft (about 4 minutes). Enjoy with yogurt and brain sprinkles for a nutritious dessert, or serve over oatmeal for breakfast.


 Carrots are well-known for containing beta-carotene, the precursor to vitamin A which is linked to a lower risk of diabetes and better blood sugar control. They also contain antioxidants, fiber, and other nutrients

A medium carrot contains only 4 grams of net (digestible) carbs and is a low-glycemic food. Foods that are low in carbs and low on the glycemic index tend not to have a very large impact on blood sugar levels. While the type of sugar carrots contains is transformed into blood sugar quickly, the amount of sugar in carrots is extremely low.


Eggs are one of the most common and inexpensive source of high-quality protein so high, in fact, that egg protein is the gold standard nutritionists use rank all other proteins. An egg or two would not raise your cholesterol and will keep you feeling full and satisfied.


Fiber is the indigestible carbohydrate that helps to pull cholesterol away from the heart, helps you to feel full, and also slows down how quickly blood sugars rise. Berries are a superfood — high in vitamin C, folic acid, fiber, and phytochemicals. As part of a healthy diet, they have been linked to reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, memory loss, high blood pressure, cancer, and now type 2 diabetes in both men and women, according to an October 2010 Journal of Nutrition article

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