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Neither Massaging Nor Suckling Is Responsible For Sagging Bosom, See Facts And Reactions (Opinion)

Over the years, many have fallen victim of been accused of being laid, or living a very rough and wayward life, prior to the shape of their bosom.

The shape of a female bosom has been used to dictate if she's still a virgin, or has been tampered with, at this side of the world.

Thanks to "Aproko Doctor" who told us the real cause of sagging bosom, although not many agreed to this but on a scale of 1 to 100 percent, I can categorically say he has 89 percent of peoples vote, as you will see in the reaction section of this post.

Bosom contains mainly fat, glands that produce milk and cooper ligaments. It is commonly thought that these ligaments is what gives support to the bosom and hence making them firm and giving them support and shape.

However with age this ligaments become lax and the bosom starts to fall.

Some of the causes are:

1. Cigarette Smoking ("Shisha"): Smoking breaks down "elastin" in the skin which can invariably cause bosom to fall

2. The more pregnancies she has the more chances her bosom will fall.

3. Gravity: Gravity plays a large role.

4. Large bosom: It is common sense that large structures need more support, the larger your bosom are the more support they will need. So naturally they will sag because of weight

5. Significant weight loss or gain: if you loss a lot of weight too soon, without giving your body time to adjust, bosom will sag because of extra skin.

6. Higher Body Mass Index

It should also be noted that age plays a major role too, this is evident because as a woman gets older, her ligaments tends to get weaker hence sagging.

Lastly, a "bra" does not have any say in this as your bra only gives your bosom shape but does not make it lag.

See Reactions;

What’s your take on this crucial issue?

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