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3 Exercises you Should do During pregnancy that would Help Reduce Labour Pain During Child Birth

Get your body ready for labor and childbirth with the following exercises from the Mayo Clinic. All of the exercises can yield great benefits with minimal effort, and they don’t require special equipment. Women have experienced severe labour pain over the years and various attempts have been made to effectively manage labour pain. Labour often requires strength and stamina, so it’s important to prepare your body for it. Exercise during pregnancy can also be a great way to de-stress.You could try finding out about antenatal exercise classes near you. For example, a pregnancy yoga class can be really helpful. It will help you get your baby in a good position for birth, teach you positions to help you through labour, and provide some relaxation and breathing techniques to help you stay calm.

Here are 3 exercises you can do.

Brisk Walking; If prepregnancy exercise levels were low, a quick stroll around the neighborhood is a good way to start. This activity has several advantages, It provides a cardiovascular workout with relatively little impact on the knees and ankles. It is possible to walk almost anywhere and at any time during pregnancy. Make sure you stay safe by choosing smooth surfaces, wearing supportive footwear to prevent falls, and avoiding potholes, rocks, and other obstacles.

Swimming and Water Workouts; The water supports the weight of your growing baby and moving against the water helps keep your heart rate up. It’s also easy on your joints and muscles. If you have low back pain when you do other activities, try swimming.

Kegel Exercise; The pelvic floor muscles help support the pelvic organs: the uterus, bladder, and bowels. If you tone them you'll ease many discomforts of late pregnancy such as hemorrhoids and leakage of urine.

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