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Why It Is Not Advisable To Eat Catfish Often

Catfish is frequently found in fresh water, and many people enjoy raising them to eat or sell when they reach maturity. Certain foods are fine to consume, but eating them in excess can be harmful to our health.

Catfish is one of the meals that, when consumed in large quantities, can be harmful to our health. You might be wondering why this is so. This article explains why it is not advisable to eat catfish on a regular basis.While fish is suggested for a healthy diet, it is crucial to note that not all fishes are included in this group. Catfish is abundant in oil and Omega 6 fatty acid, a type of poly unsaturated fat.

This sort of fat has a habit of settling in the bloodstream. When this happens, it not only causes a person to acquire excessive weight, but it also has the potential to develop blood clots by raising blood pressure, which can lead to other major health problems such as stroke and cardiac arrest.

Additionally, an excess of this Omega 6 fatty acid obtained from regular ingestion of catfish can cause the body to retain water.

When water is held in the body and does not pass out, it indicates that the kidneys are no longer functioning properly.

As a result, when the legs, ankles, and hands swell, it can be a sign of kidney disease. This write up can be explained more in the public health link below:

With these factors in mind, I hope you will reconsider the amount of catfish you should consume for your health's sake.Always eat properly and keep an eye out for anything that can hurt you, no matter how delicious they may taste. Remember that health is wealth so, we must endeavour to stay healthy at all times.

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