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I may look fine, but deep inside I am broken (fiction)

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The word depression is a mood disorder illness, and it can affect our daily lives. Is described as a feeling of lost, stress sadness and loneliness, in which only the patience feels and knows about. Which also leads to sucidal thought if not taken care of.

They are many out there which are been depressed as a result of Abused on their daily life. Most cried out for help but no one are willing to help. Why?

Depression is killing most of the youths as of recent but no one are will in helping them with it either they blamed them for been depressed over things which are not meaningful, but to the patience it means a lot.

Most hide their pain behind smile to look fine but deep down in them they are broken, they also needs help but no one acknowledge it.

lets try to help those who are depressed, they might not be able to tell you straight into our eyes because they are afraid of been misunderstood.

Thanks for reading and please what is your opinion about this?

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