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Most people will easily give up on these riddles

These riddles below are based on actual things, only few people will be able to answer them correctly.

Read the photos correctly and try to understand the riddles, then give the accurate answers to these questions below:

1. This riddle is for quite easy to answer.

If you got it correctly, move to the next riddles to challenge yourself.

2. Try this one, it's also a bit confusing.

Try understanding the context of which this riddle is used to express

3. I speak and hear, but have no mouth and ears.

If you successfully attempted it and feel it's logically correct scroll to the next one.

4. I come down slower.

The clue to this question is thinking about something that flows. It's a riddle than is almost very hard to understand, that's why a clue is given there.

5. Brainstorming.

This riddle took alot of experts time to understand, if you understand it easily and have the answer you are probably very good at this because it's a professional version of these riddles.

6. A tongue but cannot taste.

Hints: An object that belongs to the floor always.

With this hint provided, this question is a bit simplified for normal reasoning.

7. I guard your house better than two lions.

This is also a very teasing riddle.

8. The final teaser.

If you were able to read up to this point successfully or almost, congratulations for trying to attempt these riddles.

This riddle won't take time if you look at the text carefully.

If you read up to this point and tried attempting these riddles without giving up, you've done a good job at first.

Post your answers and opinions down in comments section.

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