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7 easy tips that will make Smokers hate smoking.

Smoking is one of the habits that many people get addicted to, some people smoke and they think they can never stop smoking.

It's never too late to quit smoking and there are many benefits to be gained no matter what age you give it up. 

👉Here are some quick tips to help you quit smoking:

1. Set a date to quit smoking, and stick to it. If you are stopping by yourself, it is recommended that you stop smoking completely on your quit date. Make it sooner rather than later.

2. Get as support from your family, friends and loved ones. Let them know you are planning to quit smoking. So that they can encourage you to do it.

3. Plan ahead for situations in which you are likely to be tempted to smoke, such as parties, drinking beer, going to bars etc. and try to avoid them.

4. Throw away all cigarettes, ashtrays, lighters etc. and anything else that might remind you of smoking.

5. If you really want to stop do these;

-Take a deep breath, relax and focus your mind on something else.

- Drink plenty of water. 

-Always delay the urge to smoke because the more you delay, the lesser the urge will come.

- Try doing something else, such as chewing gum, drinking or eating healthy foods. You can also hold something like pen to replace the need to hold a cigarette.

6. Always remind yourself of the medical and financial benefits of quitting, especially if you are losing the motivation to quit.

7. You can visit medical personnel for more advice and assistance to quit smoking.

Thanks for reading.

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