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Reasons for sore vagina after sex.

"Sore vagina" refers to a painful feeling in the female organ area. It has many causes. Some are serious, while others go away on their own or respond to simple treatments.

According to MedicalNewsToday, reasons female organ becomes sore after intercourse include:

1. Lack of lubrication. A common reason for painful feelings during or after intercourse is lack of lubrication. The female private organ naturally creates lubrication, both to clean itself and when a person is stimulated.

However, female organ dryness is common if you have reached menopause, and have low female hormone levels.

Using lubricated protection and oil-free lubricants can help with lowering pain during and after intercourse.

2. Latex allergies. A latex allergy can lead to burning, itchiness, and pain if a partner uses latex protection.

If a person has an allergy, they should try to use alternatives to latex protection.

3. Previous injury. Sustaining injuries to the female organ may make intercourse to get painful or uncomfortable.

For instance, giving birth to a large baby may cause a tear in the female organ and make scar tissue form, resulting in pain during intercourse. Try talking to your doctor about possible treatments for scar tissue in the female organ.

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