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Bad behaviours that are causing your breast to sag

It is not shocking to learn that as most women age, there is a good chance that their breasts may lose some of their elasticity. Although scientists have not yet identified the underlying molecular mechanism, there are certain additional actions we should and should not do to prevent early breast drooping. 

Consequently, the risky behaviours that most young women engage in that can cause premature breast sagging are outlined below.

1. Bad posture

According to WebMD, The way you stand, sit, and arch your back all have a significant impact on your breasts. You risk developing sagging breasts if you maintain poor posture for an extended period. This is due to the breasts spending a lot of time in an awkward position.

2. Smoking

Smoking too much might reduce the amount of collagen in the body. Because a lower level of collagen in the body impairs blood circulation and causes sagging breasts, the skin will start to lose its suppleness. 

3. Lack of exercise

While inactivity can result in sagging breasts, strenuous exercise can also make your breasts droop. It is advised to wear a sports bra that fits properly if you must perform an intense workout because back and front repetitive motions can cause your breasts to sag. 

4. Wearing a bra that is not fit for you

Since the breasts can move around freely in an ill-fitting bra, the skin may experience tension. To hold your breasts firmly up, go for an exact bra size rather than one that is poorly fitted. A great bra can successfully stop your breasts from drooping if you wear it regularly.

5. Excessive consumption of alcohol 

In addition to harming your skin, drinking too much alcohol is bad for your health in many other ways. It can cause the skin to lose its elasticity and become loose sooner than planned, which will lead to the breasts sagging at a young age. 

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