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Check out pictures of plastic surgery gone bad. Do you think plastic surgery is worth it?

The name plastic surgery is gotten from the Greek word plastikos, which actually means to mould or to form. The name was formed by Pierre Desault in 1798.Plastic surgery is a unique kind of surgery that can change a person's appearance. The first plastic surgery ever performed was done in 1814.

It was actually made to repair damaged or irregular parts of the body. It was first done without anaesthesia,which made the patients go through great pains.

John Peter Mettauer is the first American plastic surgeon,who first performed a surgery in 1827 with instruments he designed himself.

The first partial face surgery transplant on a living being was carried out on November 27,2005.

Plastic surgery first started in Rome as a way to remove scars,as scars was a very shameful thing to have back then.

There are three different types of surgery,but the most popular type is the cosmetic surgery which includes breast enhancement,facial contouring, facial rejuvenation,e.t.c.

Cosmetic surgery has eaten so deep into the world, almost everyone who can afford it,has gone under the knife. Some know longer appreciate the natural features given to them. There is always something in their body we want to change, some crave for a slimmer face, standing nose, some bigger butts,bigger boobs,e.t.c.

So much is spent in order to achieve this, you see people spending millions of Naira and going through so much pain just to achieve these looks.

Most times the surgery goes well and turns out as good as the client expects, while most times,it goes very bad.

Here are some pictures of surgery went right and surgery went wrong.

Surgery gone right

Sugery gone wrong

A lady once went for a surgery to look like Angelina Jolie and she ended up looking like thisDo you feel it is worth the risk,pain and money just to change the features in your body.

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American Greek John Peter Mettauer Pierre Desault Rome


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