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4 Signs That Show You Are Not Eating Enough Fat As The Body Requires

Contrary to popular belief, eating fatty foods does not necessarily result in weight gain. According to information from Healthline, fat has many health benefits for the body when consumed in moderation, therefore adding it to your diet is a good idea, especially the healthy fat.

Fat is responsible for numerous biological functions, including cell production, nutrition absorption, and energy production. In this article, I'll be showing you four common indicators that shows you're not consuming enough fat as the body requires according to Healthline.

1. Significant hair loss.

The presence of fat in the body helps to nourish our hair. Fatty chemicals called prostaglandins aid in promoting hair growth. Increased hair loss on your head or brows is a typical sign of fat deficit. Hence it is important to consume more healthy fats whenever you start experiencing this symptom.

2. Slow healing of wounds.

By limiting the body's inflammatory reaction, fat in the body promotes faster wound healing. This reaction can be impacted by decreased dietary fat intake, which causes slower wound healing.

3. Skin inflammation.

Consuming fatty foods keeps the skin healthy, however avoiding them could result in skin inflammation and dermatitis. According to information from Healthline, eating fatty foods on a daily basis aids in skin cell structure and moisture barrier maintenance. Incorporating fatty foods in your diet will no doubt keep your skin healthy and free from inflammation.

4. Constant illness

Dietary fat is crucial for the synthesis of chemicals that activate immune cells. It has been proven that cutting back on fat weakens the immune system and increases disease frequency.

You are advised to increase your intake of healthy fats once you start experiencing the above-mentioned symptoms in your body. Foods like fatty fish, nuts and Avocados are filled with healthy fats, hence you should try as much as possible to incorporate them in your diet.

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