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Are you worried about curing Hypertension and Diabetes?. Check out these Remedies.

Hypertension is the persistent increase of blood pressure over time, and this is caused by peripheral resistance such as plaque in the vessels, loss of elasticity of the blood vessels etc.

Before someone can be confirmed to have been hypertensive, multiple and series of blood pressure must have been taken at time interval.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder of pancreas, which result in presence of glucose in he blood than normal. In this condition it is either the pancreas is not producing enough insulin to metabolize sugar in the blood,there is no insulin produced at all or there is an insulin resistance factors in the blood or diet consumed.

Don't let me bore you all with these science it is not what we are here for.

It is very certain that anyone who is diabetic will definitely be hypertensive and that is why the two must be treated simultaneously, because of the danger they pose to life.

Drug's could be effective in some people while in some people it does not yield the desire results.

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Here are useful and essential cure for both Diabetes and Hypertension;

Beetroot Juice :

Beetroot contain vitamins and minerals that are very essential for both digestive and cardiovascular system ( intestines and heart).

Beetroot contains Nitrate which is very good and helpful in reducing high blood pressure and preventing heart related diseases.

It also contains antioxidant called "Alphalipoic acid" this is compound crash blood glucose level drastically and also improve insulin sensitivity in the blood.

Method :

Beetroot are available at almost all the grocery shops, buy some wash them thoroughly because it is a tuber and root vegetables just like carrot.

After washing put it in a clean pot and boil for not less than 30-45 minutes under a simmer heat. Peel off the back after cooling and put in a blender, blend it to form smoothies.

You can squeeze little lemon or blend with apple to achieve good effectiveness, the outcome will look like zobo drink. Drink as many as you can consume like 3-4 times a week.

Ginger, garlic and unrefined cocoa :

This is very effective for both digestive system and the heart too. This combination reduces all risk of heart diseases and elevate insulin sensitivities.

Method :

No special method , get warm water ready as if you want to prepare your normal tea. Get your powder recipes(ginger,cocoa and garlic) ready , put half teaspoon of each one of them in side a clean cup and add your hot water then cover it for 3-5 minutes then stir with spoon. You tea is ready for consumption.

Take the tea morning before meal and at night after meal at least 3-4 times a week.

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Please note that it essential to keep with routine glucose test and blood pressure check to avoid hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and all to measure the effectiveness of this remedies.

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Beetroot Juice


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