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To Prevent Cardiac Arrest, Reduce Consumption of These 3 Things

Being alive comes with a lot of challenges ranging from health challenges to the struggles of life and the fact that we must be guided when taking decisions. If you are alive and have little regard for your health or work towards satisfying your immediate taste with little regard for your health, you might end up dying early.

In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the things you should cut down on if you don't want to have a cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest is not a heart attack, when there's a heart attack, it simply means that there is an obstruction of blood flow to the heart. But during an arrest, the electrical activity of the heart suddenly stops and when this happens, the best thing to do for the person is CPR.

If not immediately attended to, most cardiac arrest victims die.. Some also die even when attended to or when they get medical attention. It's not something to joke about. But if you don't want to have a cardiac arrest, below are some of the things you should cut down on.

1. Reduce Consumption of Alcohol; this is one of the most important things you should cut down on. If you are the type of person that's addicted to alcohol, then you must go for proper psychological counselling, so you don't end up killing yourself as excess alcohol use is hugely connected to higher chances of having cardiac arrest.

2. Cut Down on Smoking Cigarettes; this is another thing you must cut down on. If you are the type that always smoke cigarettes, then you must either stop entirely or stop significantly to avoid having a cardiac arrest. Excess smoking has been linked to higher chances/possibilty of having cardiac arrest. I believe no one wants to intentionally kill him or herself.

3. Stop Consuming Unhealthy Fatty Foods; this is yet another thing you must cut down on. If you are the type that can't do without consuming fatty foods, fried things etc. I'll suggest you amend your ways. Excess consumption of fatty foods will certainly affect you negatively, to reduce your risks of suffering a cardiac arrest, you need to eat healthy. By eating healthy, it means you need to consume less fatty foods, make sure you balance your meals with fruits and so many more.


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