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3 Drinks You Enjoy Taking But Dont Know Its Killing You Slowly.

Are you aware that there are some drink you enjoy taking but you dont know it having a negative effect on ur body? Well, many of us buy these drinks and are not aware of these. After reading this article you will see the reason why you should limit the intake of these drink.

1. Soda

Carbonated drinks or sodas are can cause alot of damage from your skin to your hormones, also increases blood sugar levels. The negative side effects of this drink is so much higher than the positive side effect. Instead, buy a blender or juice machine and make your fruit juice. I always prefer making my own juice at home than to buy carbonated drinks. It more healthy.

2. Alcohol

Too much alcohol drinking can lead to thinning of the blood vessels which is dangerous for the body. People who suffer from nerve damage have to suffer from many problems in life. Another shocking fact is too much alcohol intake can lead to the penetration of the fat tissues of the brain which can damage the neurons. Limit the intake of Alcohol if you want to have a strong immune system.

3. Commercial Fruit Juice

Whether they say freshly squeezed or pasteurized and from a carton. Please do not buy. Commercial fruit juice also contains added sugar, colouring, preservatives and can lose its nutrients during pasteurization. Like I said always make your own yourself, it's more healthy.

Seek to restrict or reduce the consumption of those foods as much as possible.Some of those foods lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and cancer. Don't forget about obesity and all the anxiety and depression it could bring.

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