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If You Are Suffering From Rheumatism And Arthritis, Avoid These Kinds Of Food For Your Own Sake

Ageing comes with a lot of health issues, even though rheumatism and arthritis can affect young people, these diseases are usually very prevalent in people above 50years, with women being the most victims. People with rheumatoid arthritis; suffer from chronic joint pain, swelling and inflammation of muscles around the joint area. Although rheumatoid arthritis is described as an autoimmune disease, it can be favorably managed by avoiding certain foods which are known to worsen the condition. 

Besides medications and exercises, the different kinds of foods to avoid to aid the healing process are discussed below. Checkout 10 of these foods;

1. Dairy products

Dairy foods ranging from milk to cheese contain casein, a protein which triggers inflammation and pain in the joints. According to a report by Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine, casein irritates the tissues around the joint area which lead to pain and inflammation. It is probably best to avoid these food types.

2. Eggs

Eggs for normal people are very healthy and considered rich with lots of nutrients. However, patients with rheumatism must avoid this food because of the presence of arachidonic acid. This chemical element increases the production of prostaglandins that triggers inflammation in the body.

3. Refined sugars

Processed sugars must be avoided by people with rheumatism, because they increase the AGE level in the body and can also release and trigger the inflammatory agent in the body called cytokines. Sugar can also lead to weight gain which can in turn result in excess pressure on the joints.

4. Beers

These drinks contain a high level of purine which is usually converted to uric acid by the body system. This development of uric acid in the joints can cause joint pain. Also beer contains gluten which triggers joint pain.

5. Refined grain and flower products

Nutritionists revealed in a study in 2013, that the consumption of wheat and cereal products contributes to the risk of having inflammatory and autoimmune sicknesses, due to the presence of glycation end products which stimulate inflammation of the body.

6. Refined red meats

Processed red meat contains chemicals like glycan, nitrites and purine which increase the risk of inflammation and pain in the body. It is best to avoid these food types.

7. Corn oil

In a study published in 2012 in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, the intake of fatty acid was traced to the increased risk of aggravated inflammatory diseases such as arthritis.

8. Processed salt

This is not good for rheumatoid arthritis patients as it contains chemicals which alter the body’s fluid balance. It is advisable to reduce the intake of table salt to reduce the risk of fractures.

9. Foods with monosodium glutamate

Foods such as canned products contain monosodium glutamate used as preservative. This chemical substance can trigger inflammation in the body.

10. Whey protein

Patients with rheumatism should avoid this type of food due to the presence of gluten and casein, which have been discovered to promote inflammation and joint pains. 

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