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All Women Should Avoid Bacterial Vaginosis By Avoiding These 3 Causative Risk Factors

Are you aware that douching, vaginal deodorants and scented soaps can wreck havoc with your vagina's bacterial balance and lead to bacterial vaginosis?

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is a type of inflammation in the vagina due to overgrowth of normally present bacteria in the vagina. Women with BV, develop a temporary shortage of lactobacilli in their vagina. Lactobacilli are the lactic acid-producing bacteria which maintain acidic pH in the vagina. Once lactobacilli are lesser in number, there s overgrowth of other types of bacteria in the vagina due to which your vagina s pH balance gets upset. BV most commonly affects women between the ages of 15-44 and can make you more vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections

An individual affected by bacteria vaginosis experiences the following symptoms

1. Thin and greyish vaginal discharge that has a watery consistency and fishy odour

2. Burning sensation during urination.

There are factors that may increase your risk of bacteria vaginosis and below are some of them

1. Unprotected sexual intercourse, especially with multiple or new partners

2. Smoking

3. Frequent vaginal douching, vaginal deodorants, scented soaps and bubble baths

If you don’t want to develop bacteria vaginosis, maintain the following lifestyle to reduce your risk of the disease.

1. Avoid the use of hot tubs and bubble bath.

2. You should avoid douching the vagina after normal bathing, as this changes the normal growth of good bacteria in your vagina, and may increase your risk of getting a vaginal infection.

3. limiting number of sexual partners

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