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Disadvantages of butt and breast enlargement creams and oil. Stop them

For obvious reasons, many women pay attention to their breast and butts and wish to enlarge it not minding the side effects of it. Perhaps it boosts their self confidence level.

To some younger generation, the bigger it is the better for them, but to older one's, it makes them think they always own their husband because men are attracted to what they see.

It always look beautiful but it doesn't last. This is what enlargement creams and oil does to you and you don't know, such creams promotes the normalization of fat in the system, oxygen saturation of cells, improvement of local blood circulation and regeneration of damaged tissues. As a result of all these, the skin on your butt and breast becomes elastic and is definitely going to damaged you. Stop using enlargement products and use the gym.

Creams and oils are for lazy people who hates the gym but y'all still need to understand the easiest way you've chosen shortens your life.

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