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7 Health benefits derived from consuming bitter kola and honey together.

Bitter Kola is a medicinal plant known for its numerous health benefits. Honey contains antioxidants which helps to promote good health and ward off diseases. When you combine these two together, the health benefits will be increased. The mixture of bitter kola and honey helps to treat skin infections like chicken pox and measles. This mixture also contains high amount of anti-oxidants which helps to prevent various diseases.

Below are health benefits you get from consuming bitter Kola and honey together.

1. It improves lungs performance.

This mixture contains antioxidants which helps to improve the performance of your lungs. Consume this mixture regularly to ensure an healthy respiratory tract.

2. Helps to relieve sore throat.

This mixture is known for its high anti inflammatory properties. These properties helps to provide a fast relief for your sore throat.

3. Prevent Glaucoma

Consuming bitter kola and honey together helps to prevent glaucoma. The vitamins present in this mixture help maintain an healthy vision thereby preventing glaucoma.

4. Healthy skin

The inflammatory property of bitter Kola helps to prevent skin problems like pimples and eczema. The vitamin E present in this mixture helps to keep your skin healthy and smooth.

5. Increase Immunity

This mixture contains an high amount of vitamins which helps boost your immune system. When your immunity level is high, it will be difficult to get sick.

6. Reduce Arthritis.

Bitter kola and honey helps to reduce arthritis. The antioxidants present in this mixture helps relief joint pains and swelling. Consume this mixture regularly for a maximum health benefit.

7. Helps to detoxify your system.

Bitter Kola is a natural detoxifier which helps remove toxins from our body. Consume bitter kola and honey together to get rid of poisonous substances that could be harmful to you.

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