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3 Things You Should Do When You Buy Fruits From The Market.

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What you eat plays a vital role in your body's metabolism. That is why we are encouraged to always eat nutritious and well-balanced food that can help boost our immune system, prevent diseases, and help repair some worn-out tissues. But the attitudes we portray towards what we eat and buy can make our effort to stay healthy go to waste.

In this article, I will be talking about how to maintain good hygiene when we buy fruits from the market. Over time, I discovered that some vendors and fruits sellers fault in keeping their environment healthy. However, it is up to you to see that what you are buying or eating is okay for consumption.

So what are some things you can do when you buy fruits from the market?

1. Make sure to properly check the fruits you are buying from the market. When fruits are left for some days they are bound to get spoilt or get rotten. But because the sellers do not want to lose they keep selling it. Check out for worms or any other bacteria growth. Please stay safe and eat healthily.

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2. Buying sliced fruits from the roadside or marketplace requires intense washing as a result of the environment. Avoid buying and eating instantly because fruits that are not covered can be infested and contaminated by flies. Note that If they are not properly washed before eating can result to diarrhea or other stomach problem.

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3. Please, endeavor to always wash your fruit very well with salt and water before eating. Salt can help neutralize bacteria. Finally, if you can, I recommend you buy those fruit that has not been sliced especially pineapple and watermelon.

So after carefully reading through it, what do you think about this? Please do well to drop your answers and share your opinion in the comment section below let's discuss.

Hope this article was helpful.

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