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One Substance People Use In Boiling Eggs That Can Cause Health Damage

'Death begins in the colon', is among the famous quotes of the Nobel Prize winning Russian biologist, Elie Metchnikoff (1845-1916). One of the meanings that can be attributed to this quote is that when our colon is damaged, diseases are likely to ensue quickly. Consumption of toxic foods is the easiest way to damage our colon.

Source: The Mirror

Eggs are among the purest sources of protein and can be prepared by several methods. These methods may include frying, boiling and the rest of them.

The process of boiling of eggs would have the consumer take it by peeling off the shells after the eggs have been boiled. In some cases, when you try to get the shell off, you would see some fleshy parts of the egg coming off with the shell.

This is very undesirable, but what I have learnt some people use to do inorder to get rid of this condition is a very harmful and unhealthy habit. Some people would add some washing detergents into the boiling water.

This approach has proven to be resourceful as it always helps the eggs peel smoothly but the impacts on human health are likely not going to be a beautiful one.

Detergents are for washing and inorder to make them potent enough in getting rid of stains from clothes, some chemicals are added and these chemicals are not for human consumption.

When we use them in cooking of foods, as in the case of eggs, they would diffuse into the egg lumen through the pores present in the egg and getting our egg infected.

When we take such foods that have been prepared with these substances, the chemicals in them can result to numerous unwanted and threatening results that can affect the heart, gastrointestinal tract and several other systems of the body, according to MedicinePlus.

If we can pay attention to what we eat and make sure we always embrace natural options and leave artificial and synthetics aside, it would help us achieve a more incredible longevity.

Instead of using detergent, you can replace it with table salt. It also helps bring the effect detergents would bring which is making the eggs easier to peel according to this source and now salts are less harmful compared to detergents though it affects the natural nutrients of the eggs you boil them with according to this source.

There is no shortcut to anything worthwhile, hence boiling your eggs with water alone would be more advisable.

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