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Production of Toilet Soaps and Petroleum Jelly

Does it require scientific Knowledge?Production of either body petroleum jelly or Toilet soap does not require any mechanization or scientific knowledge. Knowledge of ingredients combination and mixing is enough to produce these in even in large scales for commercialization.


Petroleum body cream is a good body cream that moisturizes your body without bleaching action that may actually cause damage to your skin. It is also inexpensive to get.

What are the Materials needed?

1. Paraffin oil

2. Petroleum jelly

3. Perfume

4. Wax


1. Put clean pot on the heating system to dry

2. Put paraffin oil according to your need into the pot

3. After warming, add petroleum jelly

4. Add wax according to your need

5. Put it down from the heating system

6. Add perfume to your taste. Let it cool before you pour it inside the containers.

Next step is to package for use or for sell.


Toilet soap is an antibacterial and antifungal soap which is used to clean surfaces in the toilet. It is also used in washing down toilets to reduce unpleasant odours in the home.

Materials: Fermented Soda, P.K.O., Industrial Camphor, Sulphur, Izar or Dettol.


1. Measure 5 liters of P.K.0 and warm on fire

2. Put the oil and the entire ingredients mentioned above and mixed properly.

3. Measure 2.5 liters of fermented soda and pour into the oil and stir until there is no trace of oil.

4. Pour into the already laid soap box for 5 hours

5. Remove the nylon and allow it to cool for another 3 hours

Lastly, package for sell or for home use.

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Dettol Industrial Camphor Izar P.K.O Soda


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