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The Need For The Federal Government To Curb The Rapid Increase Of Quack Doctors In Nigeria

Quack doctors in Nigeria are becoming plenty by the day. Medical quackery is rampant in Nigeria. The culprits cut across the whole strata of medical and health practitioners.

These quack doctors have become very greedy and selfish because they need to make mega-profits from practice in private hospitals and clinics.

We have seen that their services have led to an increase in maternal and childhood mortality, increased unemployment rate of registered nurses and midwives, discredited medical and nursing education, poor treatment outcome, and weakened healthcare system.

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These people channel their services mostly on poor people, pervert the healthcare system and plunge their powerless patients into endless pain and, sometimes, permanent paralysis and deformity.

They also take advantage of vulnerable and pregnant people who seek their services, thereby causing irreparable physical and internal deformity, a complication of existing ailment, and in some cases, death.

It is high time law enforcement agents, Medical Practice Licensing Board, Nigeria Medical Association and other Health Professional Associations take this problem seriously.

I also think the federal government should do well in addressing the key problems of poverty and illiteracy as these are twin brothers that promote the practice and acceptance of medical quackery.

Unless concerted efforts are taken by all stakeholders, especially the government, in tackling the health care problems in Nigeria, the decay in the system will continue and medical quackery will continue to thrive.

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