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5 Early ways you can detect symptoms of Kidney Disease

Your kidneys are very important to your body and they do many job function and plays a vital role in how our body operates.

Kidneys remove toxins, help your iron levels to be leveled and also help regulate your blood pressure. Kidneys also help to remove and clean the body so that the body can function very well.

What can lead to Kidney disease?

Kidney disease has been called the silent killer and it starts when the kidney nephrons are damaged. Nephrons are tiny filters that are found in the kidney, they help in filtering the body's blood. If they become damaged or they stop working then the kidney can not be able to support the body again. Once these nephrons start misbehaving then the kidney will become diseased.

How To Detect Kidney Disease

Kidney disease has been called the silent killer because that's exactly what it is, someone who is not paying attention to their body might not notice the symptoms because it is quite subtle. Here are some symptoms to watch out for:

1) Pay close attention to your Urine:

Kidneys normally remove toxins from the body through the waste. It's normally common to see slight changes in the color of your urine depending on your urine intake for the day but always keep close watch especially if the changes keep coming or you start noticing blood in your pee or it has some foamy look then try reaching out to your doctor immediately.

2) Notice How easily You Are Fatigued: Increased fatigue is a symptom of kidney disease, if you notice that you are easily becoming fatigued and tired then you have to reach out to a professional.

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3) Swelling And inflammation:

Check for swelling and inflammation especially on your hands, face, feet. If you notice these part of your body is swelling then that could be a sign that your kidney is getting weakened, though it won't always be the case take note of it and keep watching your body for additional signs. If there's an increase, then reach out to a doctor immediately.

4) Toxic Build-up: Check for toxic build-up, any metallic taste in your mouth, bad breath, rashes, and even nausea are some signs that your kidneys may be getting worse. These symptoms might mean that the disease in your kidney is getting pronounced. 

5) Back pain:

Back pain in your lower back around your kidney side can be a sign of kidney disease, so it's always great to get the doctor's opinion instantly. All these symptoms start off as common ailments and they are easy to overlook. Try not to overlook them but try to take notice of them and if they get worse, then seek medical attention immediately.

Some Medical Problems That Require You To Check Your Kidney Frequent

There are some medical conditions that may require you to always get tested for kidney disease, if you have them then always try to check your kidneys:

a) Family history of kidney disease

b) High blood pressure

c) Lupus

d) Kidney stones

e) Diabetes

f) Anemia

g) Cardiovascular Disease

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