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If You Have Bad Breath, Then You Probably Have These 5 Bad Habits

Halitosis sometimes called (Bad Breath) is a very common phenomenon in Nigeria as it is all around the world too. Most people are affected without even knowing it. So, there are bad habits that aid halitosis, and I think people should know about it and try to correct it.

Here Are 5 Bad Habits (Nigeria) That Can Cause Halitosis

1: Brushing Once A Day: (Spend More Time Brushing Your Tongue) This habit is very common in Nigeria. So many Nigerians still haven’t started brushing twice daily or some are not as consistent as they should be. Many Nigerians still only brush in the morning and as they eat throughout the day, particles are leftover in their mouth. Some of those particles might start to smell before the next say. This habit aids Halitosis and it needs to be curbed by Nigerians.

2: Eating Very Late At Night: Eating very late at night is very bad, even for one’s general health. It is advisable to eat dinner, at least one hour before sleep.

3: Smoking: Many smokers who do not have hygienic dental health have Halitosis. If you hope to defeat bad breath, smoking tobacco, Indian hemp, or any other form of smoking will most certainly not help you.

4: Most Nigerians Do Not Floss: Flossing helps prevent Halitosis. Some Nigerians do not even know how to floss. Dental floss is a cord of thin filaments used to remove food and dental plaque from between teeth in areas a toothbrush is unable to reach. This helps to get rid of particles that can rot and cause odors in the mouth.

5: Adjust Your Diet: Be careful of what you eat too, as eating food will always leave some of the food particles in our mouth. So, be careful about what you eat. Food with a strong smell like Locust beans can ultimately lead to mouth odor because of his strong smell.

These Habits aid Halitosis.

Content created and supplied by: EmmanuelAkanni (via Opera News )

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