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8 Signs That Show You Are Consuming Too Much Sugar

Do you know that excessive consumption of sugar is very detrimental to our health? Sugar tastes good and it forms a very significant part of our diet but you must lessen your intake of it. Excess sugar is not good for your health and care has to be taken when you consume it. You need to avoid food with high amounts of sugar as it can heighten your risk of diabetes. Delicacies like cakes, cookies, chocolates, brownies, doughnuts and many others are loaded with sugar and you need to cut your intake of them. That is why a careful examination of the sugar contents of foods you consume is very important.

When you consume too much sugar, you may begin to encounter numerous adverse effects such as weight gain, poor skin health and even hypertension. Excess sugar intake harms your kidney and liver, it increases your risk for heart disease, hypertension and even stroke. It also raises your blood sugar level and leads to diabetes. You must limit your intake of sugar to avoid suffering these health complications.

Some of the signs your body gives you once the amount of sugar in your blood is high include; 

1.  Premature ageing

This is one of the most visible effects of excessive sugar consumption. Excessive intake of sugar can result in serious harm to your skin as it destroys skin proteins like collagen and elastin thus leading to premature wrinkles and ageing. Too much sugar intake also affects the female menstrual cycle and could lead to skin inflammation. Excess sugar leads to unevenness in your gut and induces inflammation.

2.  You will be tired throughout the day

If you feel tired and depleted all through the day, then you need to examine your level of sugar consumption. Excess sugar in your diet can induce your energy level to drop. This is because, at the point when you consume excess sugar, your energy goes up abruptly which is followed by an abrupt drop of energy. Seek medical attention once you begin to discover this. 

3.  Hypertension and high blood pressure

High blood pressure is one of the major health conditions many people suffer all over the world. Excess sugar intake heightens the level of sugar in the blood which can also induce a spike in your blood pressure too. Excess sugar also heightens your risk for hypertension and blood pressure and other cardiovascular illness hence try and maintain a balance in your intake of sugar. This medical condition can kill, hence try and reduce your sugar intake.

4.  Weight gain

Obesity which can be caused by excess sugar consumption is a risk factor for many diseases. This is one of the most visible signs of high sugar intake. Too much sugar intake can make you gain more weight. If you want to lose weight, you have to reduce your level of sugar intake. Try and exercise regularly to reduce your weight. 

5. You feel sluggish

Sluggishness is also another visible sign of excess sugar consumption. Too much sugar causes a spike of insulin which will, in turn, spur an invincible crush. When your intake of sugar is constant, energy is steady but excessive intake of it induces your energy level to change which will, in turn, make you sluggish. Excess sugar intake also indicates a low intake of protein and fibre hence you will not have supplements for sustained energy. This is another vital sign you should pay attention to. 

6.  You become moodier than usual

Being moodier than usual might be a sign of excess sugar consumption. When you take too much sugar, the energy crush that happens can stimulate mood swings and leave you angry. When you begin to lose energy, it can also contribute to a bad mentality and low attitude.

7. You have been getting more cavities

Those who consume too much sugar face a high risk of suffering tooth problems. Tooth decay occurs when microorganisms eat up the food particles in the middle of the teeth. Our salivation helps to maintain a balance of bacteria but excess sugar intake disrupts the PH and the entire ecosystem needed for this bacteria. This will in turn make the environment favourable for the microorganism to live which will lead to more cavities. To avoid all this, reduce your sugar Intake. 

8.  Insomnia or sleep disorder

This is another common sign of excess sugar intake. Sugar intake especially late in the evening could prompt a surge in energy as the time when the body ought to centralize on slowing down and arranging the body to rest. When you take too much sugar, it stimulates the release of serotonin which disrupts the relaxation hormone thus making you experience sleep difficulty. If you do experience difficulty in sleeping at night, then you need to try and reduce your level of sugar intake immediately.

Everyone should adhere to the tips of this article. 

Content created and supplied by: HealthArena (via Opera News )


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