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How To Make Lightening/Brightening Cream


There are various ways you can creatively make your lightening creams. 

Making your creams yourself, makes you feel confident and aware of what you are 

actually putting on your body.

This cream will make you lighter without any side effect. 


2tbsp E-Wax 

1tbsp Beeswax 

60ml Homemade Carrot Oil 

60ml Homemade Aloe Vera Oil 

1tbsp Stearic Acid 

1tbsp Vit B Powder also known as nicotinamide 

1tbsp Sepi White (optional) 

10 Drops of any choice of essential oil 

5% Preservative (phenoxyethanol) 


Pour the e-wax and beeswax in a pot together with the oils and powder and start 

double boiler, bring it down, when they are all melted and put down, let it cool to a 

stand. (It can be put in the fridge to quicken it).

Bring out of the fridge and start whipping with a hand mixer till you get a creamy 


Add preservative, essential oil (I use rosemary essential oil), 

Whip again before you transfer into your jar. 

Use this cream twice a day and your skin will glow and lighter but you have to be 

patient because the cream contains natural ingredients and it takes time to 

lightening but the end result is so beautiful. 

But if you want it faster result, you can add natural tube that does not contain any side effects.

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Brightening Cream


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