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Parents Do Not Give These Tablets To Your Children – Throw Them in Trash Immediately

A lot of parents give their children an oral suspension which contains paracetamol when they have fever. But the British pediatricians warn that paracetamol can cause serious health damages later in life.

Alistair Sutcliffe is a pediatrician and professor of pediatrics at University College London and he claims that by giving paracetamol to children, we put them at greater risk of developing asthma, kidney and liver damage and heart disease.

Royal Pharmaceutical Association (SIA) agrees and supports dr.Satkli’s opinion. British pharmacists advise parents to make more research on how suspensions based on paracetamol affect their children’s health. The members of the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) support the same opinion as well.

Another useful advice to parents is that they should pay less attention to thermometers (which can often show incorrect values) and observe their children’ behavior instead. The child with fever avoids drinking fluids and suffers from fatigue.

In case of fever doctors recommend more fluids and precise dosing of the remedy against fever.

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Alistair Sutcliffe Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health Royal Pharmaceutical Association SIA University College London


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