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Check out 4 effective ways to reduce your pot belly and lose weight naturally

If you have extra fat in your stomach, a situation that's lovingly referred to as a "pot belly," you may be looking for some ways to get rid of it. or lose fat only in certain areas, there are some things that may help.

Let's see how to reduce your pot belly

 Manage Your Alcohol Intake

 Reduce your alcohol intake and you will absolutely reduce your pot belly, I've found that people who regularly drink alcohol have bigger bellies than those who don't . alcohol makes you hungry, and your inhibitions melt away, so then you reach for your fourth slice of super supreme pizza, or another plate of pepper soup. In other words, you end up adding a full meal to that bottle of wine and that gives you a huge calorie load. So in conclusion, when alcohol is at the start of the metabolic queue and your metabolism is sluggish, then a big part of the meal you ate with the wine will probably be stored as fat

 Watch your food portion size

 You may not realize that portion size affects your pot belly in two ways. And portion size is one of those things that take a bit more time and effort to get right. eating until overfull causes your stomach to expand temporarily and stick out so let's just say that simply eating too much at one time will give you a ‘food baby’.

 Check your carbohydrate intake

 Carbohydrate intake is relatively easy to manage, and makes a big difference to your pot belly. Insulin resistance is one of the biggest health issues of the modern era. consider your carbohydrate intake a little more carefully after the age of 40. One trick is to make sure you get the right balance of carbohydrate, proteins and fats at each meal. If you eat a high carbohydrate diet without the right balance of proteins and fats, you'll get hungry quickly.

Get more exercise

It's beneficiary to get more excersie and maintain that routine for a lifetime. Excersie is good for you but moving more often can directly target the stomach fat and help get rid of your pot belly. 

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