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Apart From Causing Foul Odours And Discharges In Female Genitals, Douching Also Affects Pregnancy.

It is natural for every lady to want a fresh feeling in their honey pots and they go many ways in making sure this is achieved. But researches have shown that these habits have little or no benefits but plenty of disadvantages.

They go about practicing what is known as douching.

A method in which water and other mixtures are used to wash the female genitals. Some ladies in our society goes as far as using mixture such as salt solution, alum waters lemon and lime solutions and many other mixtures so as to maintain the freshness and tightness of their honey pots. Some liquids called douches are now being sold. Which contain mixtures of other materials and fragrances. Other calle then intimate creams.

But in reality, more harms are caused to their private parts than good.

The following are the side effects of douching;

1. Vaginal Infections.

There are bacteria in the female vaginal that are natural maintained in a balanced Ph. It is otherwise known as the vaginal flora. But the moment constant douching is being practiced, it disrupts the normal balance in this flora leading to constant infections and subsequently, vaginal discharge. This is otherwise known as bacterial vaginosis and the best way to cure it is to stop practicing douching.

2. Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases (PID)

These are basically the diseases that affect the female reproductive organs such as the fallopian tubes, the uterus and the ovaries. Ladies who practice douching are at almost 80% at risk of having these diseases.

3. Cervical Cancer.

Researches have also been able to link douching with cervical cancer. And put those who frequently do it at almost 90 percent chances of developing cervical cancer.

4. Pregnancy Complications.

Douching has also been known to cause lots of pregnancy complications such as delay in pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy and even miscarriages have been linked to douching.

5. Vaginal Itching And Irritation.

A woman that is constantly given to douching would always experience vaginal Itching and Irritations and most probably discharges with foul odour.

Even when there are offensive odours emanating from the vaginal, the solution to that should not be douching, rather a simple combination of warm water and a little bit of soap rub on the palm would be okay, and it shouldn't be done more than once in a week.

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