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World’s fattest boy shows off incredible body transformation after losing more than 30 stone

Arya Permana, 13, from West Java, Indonesia, has lost a whopping 17 stone after he made headlines in 2016 after weighing in at an eye-watering 30 stone.

Arya, who weighed a normal 7lb when he was once born, before his weight exploded by using the age of two, was once in a position to achieve this predominant weight loss under the education of Indonesian bodybuilder Ade Rai and a group of fitness professionals. His strict training regime was accompanied with a healthy diet and scientific treatment.

After a big weight loss effort, he revealed how he went from tipping the scales to shedding almost two-thirds of his body weight.

Under the training of Indonesian bodybuilder Ade Rai and a team of fitness professionals, Arya amazingly shed simply over 17 stone.

Arya struggling to perform easy tasks such as standing up and sitting down, and hitting a punching bag.

Now, he is able to lift weights alongside Ade as the pair do their weekly workouts.

He additionally looks unrecognisable from the infant he was 4 years ago.

His parents were left in despair as he was once lacking out on college because it was impossible for him to get there and rather spent his days enjoying on his smartphone or sitting in a tiny pool to cool himself down.

But Arya has managed to turn it around, dropping a massive 17 stone after going on a strict eating regimen and workout regime. 

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