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Lies And Facts About Stomach Ulcer

Stomach Ulcer is one of the most common problems Nigerians are suffering from. Ulcer can also be called a wound that arises in the digestive lining or intestines, usually very serious that it leads to stomach upsets and many other disturbances. Like every other chronic yet common health problems, most myths otherwise called lies have been postulated about the disease.

In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the lies starting from the most popular amongst the myths or unverified information about the disease to the real facts. Just sit tight and learn something new, ignorance is never an excuse and the earlier you know that, the better for you.

Myths and Facts About Stomach Ulcer;

No. 1 Myth: Eating Spicy/Peppery Foods is the Primary cause of stomach ulcer.

Fact: there is yet to be concluded evidence or medical research backing this claim. Infact, there is no professional health website or organisation supporting this claim. This is just a belief that has eaten deep in the kinds of many Nigerians and as such disregard it, if you are a lover of spicy foods, don't stop eating what you love. It doesn't cause ulcer in anyway.

No. 2 Myth: Stomach Ulcer is caused by anxiety and stress.

Fact: there is also no backup to this claim. While it is true that stress might aggravate or worsen another health condition as in the case of people suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure, there is yet to be known evidence backing the claim that stress and anxiety causes stomach ulcer. Stomach ulcer is caused by a bacteria that attacks the stomach lining, intestine and oesophagus.

No. 3 Myth; Stomach Ulcer is Not Treatable, it is a lifelong disease.

Fact: this is so wrong and untrue. If you are diagnosed early enough and you still to the treatment plan prescribed by the doctor till the exhaustion of such plan, ulcer would be a thing of the past. Reason why it resurfaces is that people who suffer from it, don't take the treatment seriously, as in don't complete the treatment plan and sometimes many of them self medicate; which is highly unadvisable for a disease like stomach ulcer.

No. 4 Myth: Drinking Milk Handles or Treats Stomach Ulcer

Fact: this is yet another unverified information that many people sadly believe. It is true that milk helps lessen the acidity of the body and provides temporary relief to people suffering from ulcer, there is no known evidence backing up the claim that milk can heal ulcers. People suffering from ulcer should just endeavour to keep in touch with the doctor.

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