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Useful Tips, on How to Remove Fish Bones Stuck in the Throat.

Where are the lovers of fish, like myself? How I love eating fish, especially the head! Did you just make a funny face, on reading that I love eating fish head? You may have said, "how weird". Well that is why the English man says, "different strokes for different folks". While you may not like what I like, I still may not like what you like. That is what makes us, different individuals with different preferences.

So, have you ever had fish bone stock in your throat? How did you, dislodge it from your throat? Did you employ, a trial and error method? Here, are useful tips on how to remove fish bones stuck in your throat.

That Use of Olive oil: try using olive oil, the next time you have a fish bone stuck in your throat. You may wonder, "how does it work"? Remember, that olive oil is a lubricant from natural source. Taking a spoon or two, might help in creating a lubricating effect in your throat. This in turn, would make it easier for you to either bring out the bone or take it into your system.

Use of banana : when was the last time, you ate a banana? Do you recollect, how soft it was? Bananas are soft and as such, can have a soothing effect on your throat. Thus, taking a banana or two, could help remove a fish bone from your throat.

Cough Repeatedly: coughing repeatedly, might just be the solution for a fish bone stuck in the throat!

Remember that should any of the above tips not work for you, visit your doctor.

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