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Guys, Don't Allow Your Woman To Engage In The Following Poor Menstrual Hygiene That Could Harm Them

Some men may believe it is not their business to tell women what to do and what not to do during their periods. You may be more educated than your woman, therefore giving her advice on this subject is quite acceptable. Some other ladies may be aware of these hygiene precautions, but they need someone to encourage them to adhere to them.

During menstruation, the risk of infection is higher than usual. The cervix opens during menstruation, allowing blood to exit the body. The block of mucus that is ordinarily seen at the opening of the cervix is also dislodged during menstruation. All of these things make it easier for bacteria to get into the uterus.

Given the gravity of the situation, I'd like to discuss several common activities that are more likely to increase the rate of infection. If your woman is practicing one of these bad menstrual hygiene habits, you should tell her to stop and do the right thing.

1. Unclean Sanitary Pad: Don't let your woman use unclean sanitary pads or other materials during her period. Advise her about the risks of using soiled sanitary pads. This is especially critical if she plans to insert the sanitary pad into her vaginal area. Bacteria can thrive in filthy environments, which can lead to infection.

2. Unprotected Sex: While there is nothing wrong with having sex during menstruation, unprotected sex is bad hygiene. You run the danger of spreading or developing blood-borne infections including HIV and Hepatitis B. HIV and Hepatitis B are found in higher concentrations in the blood than in other bodily fluids such as sperm and vaginal secretions.

3. Changing sanitary pads infrequently: Try to buy new sanitary pads for your woman as often as possible. Allow her to not use the same sanitary pad for an extended period of time. Wet pad use on a regular basis can cause skin irritation, which can develop an infection if the skin breaks.

4. Tell her not to wipe her urination or defecation from back to front. This procedure has the potential to introduce dangerous anal bacteria like Escherichia coli into the vaginal canal.

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