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Natural Ways To Care For Your Kidney

A kidney is an organ that filters the blood, producing urine and maintaining overall body fluid balance. 

Kidney helps to regulate the blood and filters body fluid. Kidney helps in producing some hormones like a red blood cell. 

The functions of kidney in the body are enormous, this is the reason while there's a need to care for it. 

The Natural Ways In Caring for Our Kidneys includes:

1. Adequate exercise 

2. Avoid too much salt intake 

3. Drinking lots of clean water

4. Used drugs as prescribed by your medical professional 

5. Checking of weight/weight management

6. Eat healthy food or a well-balanced diet

7. Avoid alcohol

8. Avoid smoking

9. Regular monitoring of your blood pressure 

10. Regular checking of blood sugar level 

11. Avoid too much cholesterol intake

12. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables 

13. Get enough rest. 

Kidney functions in the human body are enormous, as they regulate the blood and filters toxic substances out of the body. This is the reason while we have to take adequate care of our kidney.

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