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How to stop your unborn child from being born with a defect

Have you ever seen a child born with a defect and you are wondering what could be the cause or how to avert future occurrences?, then this article is for you.

There are a lot of factors that lead to a child being born with birth defects, though they are not to be ostracised because of their defects as nothing was done by them to warrant such defects. Most times, the world shuts them out and even refer to them as evil and embarrassing Meanwhile they had nothing to do with their health status, I will share some of the causes of this defects.

Firstly, you need to know that medically the study of structural, behavioral, metabolic and functional disorders present at birth is known as dysmorphology and teratology. They are caused by a lot of factors which fall under four (4) categories.

1. Environmental factors (15%)

2. Genetic factors (30%)

3. Environmental interactions with genetic susceptibility (55%)

All environmental factors leading to defects are

A. Infectious agents like Herpes virus, syphilis, Rubella virus.

B. Physical agents like xrays & hyperthermia.

C. Chemical agents like Thalidomide, opioid, warfarin, Alcohols, Lead.

D. Hormones like Androgenic agents, DES

E. Nutritional deficiencies

F. Obesity

All the above are the causes of birth defects, to avoid it, expectant mothers must know that at 3rd to 8th week of gestation, the fetus is most susceptible to teratogens, so as a mother, you need to be careful at this stage of your pregnancy also,

*Avoid smoking and living in polluted environment because it causes cleft lips and cleft palate.

*Avoid social drugs e.g tobacco and cocaine as they induce premature labour, cause intrauterine growth retardation and spontaneous abortion.

*Avoid Alcohol as it causes intellectual disability

* Avoid Radioactive substances

* Avoid taking drugs without your doctors prescription. Yes, even malaria drugs can be harmful during pregnancy, as certain drugs are forbidden or prescription modified during pregnancy.

With the advent of advanced technology, you can still detect all these before the child is born they include

* Amniocentesis

* Ultrasound

* Maternal serum screening and

* Chorionic villus sampling (CVS)

Thank you for reading this article I hope it helps you positively.

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