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For Men Only - 7 Drinking Rules All Men Should Follow

As guys, the reason we go out most times is to have fun and a nice time but for us to really enjoy it and not regret the next morning, we have to make sure we don't let our guard down when drinking.

That's the reason you'll be reading about drinking rules in this article.

1. As you make a plan on how you'll get there, also make a plan on how you'll leave there

This is important because there is no excuse for driving, if you'll be going home that night, it would be better if you get a cab.

Have the Uber app or any taxi order app on your phone, have someone that did not drink drive you home or you sleep in an hotel in case your drinking gets out of hand.

2. Prepare before you go to the party

What i mean by this is to have a meal before you go out to drink, i used to make this mistake before till i noticed that when i drink on empty stomach i get high faster.

Eating something high in protein before heading out will stop your blood alcohol level from rising too fast.

3. Carry only the important stuffs with you

Don't carry a wallet full of your personal stuff and personal details that if they get missing might be hard to recover.

Just carry the amount of money you'll be spending for the day and maybe identification card in case anything happens and you need to proof you are a worker or a university student.

4. Select your own drink

Know the drink that is right for body system, don't follow your friends to drink Hennessy when you know you can hardly finish one can of Bullet drink.

Some guys prefer beer, some like spirit, some whiskey etc so just know your type of drink and don't overdo it.

5. Don't drink too fast and in between each drink, take a glass or bottle of water.

By doing this, you're staying hydrated and slowing down the consumption of alcohol in to your blood streams.

6. Don't do shots

Shots is when you drink small glasses of alcohol very quickly all at once, the probability you'll get drunk is high.

7. Have fun

After knowing all of this rules in your mind, have fun and enjoy yourself but be responsible.

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