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Do You Sleep With Your Fan On? Here Is What It Does To You

Do You Sleep With Your Fan On? Here Is What It Does To You

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Sleeping with your fan on is good and it's bad. As a human being who cares about your health so much, when you want to do something that you know too well that it is good and at the same time bad, you need to compare and contrast the both sides to know which one surpasses the other. If after that, you noticed that the good side is more than that of the bad side, you may consider to continue with it but if it is the o√ther way round, then you try as much as possible to avoid it for your own good. 

Sleeping with your fan on is good because it gives you fresh air in a hot situation but it causes more harm than good. 

According research done by medical experts, sleeping with your fan on could cause problems like;

√ Dehydration

√ Sinus Problem 

√ Exacerbated allergies. 

This is what happens when your fan is on while you are asleep:

√ When the fan blows at night, the airs in the room becomes dry. When you breathe as you Sleep, you inhale the dry air which is capable of making your nasal passages to produce excess mucus that will later become blocked up. 

√ Leaving it on can also worsen your hay fever according to experts. 

√ More so, According to Expert Mark Reddick who is known and referred to as The Sleep Advisor, he said and i quote "As a fan moves airs around the room, it flurries of dust and pollen to make their way into your sinuses". For those who are suffering from asthma, allergies and hay fever, leaving your fan on will only end up worsening your situation. 

√ If you are the type that do open your mouth while you sleep, leaving your fan on while sleeping will cause dry air into your mouth which would in turn result to dehydration. 

What to do.  

√ In order to reduce the possibility of worsening your health condition, Mark advised that you should dust your fan properly before use.  

√ You Can also considering turning on your fan if the heat is much then, make it face your opened window. That's if the heat is much. Make sure it is not rotating. 

Remember, health is wealth. 

Credit: Mark Reddick

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