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Dangerous effects of having Hepatitis B

To start with, Hepatitis B is a liver disease that is caused by hepatitis B virus. Here, the illness affects the liver which performs specific important functions to the body.

Hepatitis B comes with certain warning signs which are abdominal pain, dark urine, fever, joint pain, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, weakness and fatigue, Yellowing of your skin and the whites of your eyes.

Hepatitis B is known as a silent killer, and there are certain dangerous effects of having this illness. Therefore, in this article, I will be talking about few dangerous effects of having Hepatitis B virus.

This illness is known to be dangerous as it causes a serious liver infection that causes inflammation (swelling and reddening) that can lead to liver damage.

There are different types of hepatitis, but hepatitis B is known to be more dangerous. The dangerous effects of having this illness is that it can last for a long time which causes chronic infection that can lead to ife-threatening health issues like cirrhosis or liver cancer. It can also lead to other complications like liver failure, kidney disease or inflammation of blood vessels.

However, It has been said that when this illness gets to a stage where it is uncontrollable, it can lead to death. This is how dangerous hepatitis B virus is. It is known to be worst than other types of hepatitis.

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Hepatitis B


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